Beyond The Prisme

Inexperienced fisher Hanada is hired by a fisherman Yoshiya. One day while Hanada is minding a broken surfboard on the boat, Yoshiya suddenly starts the engine because he thinks he sees a shark nearby. Skeptical, Hanada questions whether there really was a shark but Yoshiya responds vaguely. A few days later, a fisherwoman, Kaoru, invites them to go whale watching. Yoshiya sees the shark again, and along with a confused Hanada and Kaoru, Yoshiya follows the shark's shadow.
Director: Tsukasa KISHIMOTO
Cast: Kenjiro YAMASHITA, Eriko NAKAMURA, Yuuki OSHIRO, Masaya KATO
Japanese title: 幻光の果て(ウタモノガタリ シネマファイターズ第2弾)

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