After her grandfather dies, Sora retraces the diary written by him during World War II and has begun to search for a mysterious treasure buried in the local woods. Meantime, a homeless man who wordlessly walks backwards appears in the town. One night, her drunk father hits the homeless man by car. Regardless of her father's opposition, Sora allows the man to stay the night in their house, and his presence stirs up the relationship between Sora and her father.

Film Festivals
- Tallinn Black Nights FF 2019 (POFF) *Grand Prix Best Film, Best Music, Best Director Nomination
- Osaka Asian Film Festival 2020 *Best Actor
- Japan Cuts 2020 *Best Film (Obayashi Prize)
- Glasgow Film Festival 2020
- SKIP CITY International D-Cinema Festival 2020 *Best Picture Award
- Haifa International Film Festival 2020 *Best Picture Nomination
Director: Anshul CHAUHAN
Cast: MARUI Wan, YAMADA Taichi, KOJIMA Seira,SHIMIZU Takuzo
Drama/2019/B&W/145 min
Japanese title: コントラ
Japanese Theatrical Release: March 20th, 2021

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