Bad Poetry Tokyo

Jun is a hostess working in Tokyo, saving dirty money to one day move to the United States to become an actress. Having suffered abuse from her clients and a violent betrayal from her lover, she returns to her quiet hometown after 5 years absence to escape from the madness of Tokyo. Finally she finds some peace in old friends, but she also needs to confront unpleasant truths of her past...

Film Festivals
- Brussels Independent Film Festival *Grand Prix
- Osaka Asian Film Festival *Best Actress
- Slemani International Film Festival *Best Actress
- Venice Film Week *Best Film Award
- Raindance Film Festival *Official Selection
- Atami International Film Festival *Best Actress, Best Cinematography
- Madrid International Film Festival *Best Film Nomination, Best Actress Nomination
- Stockholm Independent Film Festival *Best Film Nomination
- Winchester Independent Film Festival *Best Film Nomination

Director: Anshul CHAUHAN
Drama/2017/Color/116 min
Japanese title: 東京不穏詩
Japanese Theatrical Release: Jan 18, 2020

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