Seven Weeks

The second of Nobuhiko Ōbayashi’s trilogy created after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Seven Weeks is characterised by flashbacks, fragmented scenes and a galloping pace, as Ōbayashi skillfully uses the microcosm of one man to examine the wider social psyche of Japan and the devastating impact of war and the nuclear race on love, family and even art itself.

When 92-year-old doctor Mitsuo Suzuki passes away, his sister, grandchildren and great-granddaughter flock back to their small hometown of Ashibetsu in Hokkaido to participate in the nanananoka (a Buddhist funerary ritual of holding a memorial every seven days for 49 days). Upon their arrival, they meet the mysterious Nobuko Shimizu, a former nurse at Mitsuo’s clinic. Nobuko seems to know more about Mitsuo and his family than she should and the secrets Mitsuo took to the grave start to come alive.

Film Festivals
2014 Shanghai International Film Festival
2015 Nippon Connection Film Festival
2015 Japan Cuts
2016 Dni Japónskovo Kino (Belarus)
2021 Japanese Film Festival (Sydney)"

Cast: Toru SHINAGAWA (品川徹), Takako TOKIWA(常磐貴子), Yumi ADACHI (安達祐実)
Drama/2014/Color/171 min.
Japanese title: 野のなななのか
Japanese Theatrical Release: May, 17th, 2014
Director: Nobuhiko OBAYASHI

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