A Life Turned Upside Down: My Dad's an Alcoholic

Dad in my memory is always drunk-. Since Saki was a little girl, her father Toshifumi drinks alcohol almost everyday. He often invited his friends at home and played Mahjong, smoked and drank alcohol all the night. For Saki, it was the daily life. Her mother was a devoted believer of a religious cult and always taking
care of her father. However, one day, she killed herself... Over the course of the story, the tone swings between comical and serious, from her father’s drunken misadventures to her mother’s loneliness, as Saki desperately struggles to search out a bright future while her family falls apart. What will she feel when that last piece of her family -- her “monster” of a father
-- passes away?

Film Festivals
- Okinawa International Movie Festival (2019)
- Camera Japan (2019)
- Japannual - Japanische Filmtage in Wien (2019)
- Kyoto International Film and Art Festival (2019)
Director: Kenji KATAGIRI (Room Laundering)
Cast: Honoka MATSUMOTO (松本穂香), Kiyohiko SHIBUKAWA (渋川清彦)
Japanese title: 酔うと化け物になる父がつらい
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2019