My Sweet Grappa Remedies

Yoshiko is in her 40s, single and has no kid. She works in a publishing company and she enjoys small pleasures like having lunch with her junior colleague or drinking grappa alone at home. Her life is quiet but rather than feeling sorry for herself, she cherishes small things in her life.
One day, her colleague introduced her male friend who is 24 years younger than Yoshiko, and they start dating... After depicting a woman in 20s in "Tremble All You Want" and a woman in 30s in "Marriage Hunting Beauty", director Akiko Ooku presents this quiet but steadfast woman in 40s in the film.

Film Festivals
- Okinawa International Movie Festival (2019)
Director: Akiko OOKU (Tremble All You Want, Marriage Hunting Beauty)
Cast: Yasuko MATSUYUKI (松雪泰子), Haru KUROKI (黒木華), Hiroya SHIMIZU (清水尋也)
Japanese title:甘いお酒でうがい
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2019