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Mashiro Shibuya (30) has been living in Toyama all her lfe with her family.
She is developmentally delayed.
Although her impairment is not physically noticeable, her mental age is about 10 years old.
She has no particular trouble in daily life and lives happily, helping out at her father's bicycle shop and walking her dog everyday.
On the day of her brother's wedding ceremony, Mashiro visis a shrine, where she meets Keiichi Yui (34), a freelance photographer from Tokyo.
A cousin encourages Mashiro to pursue her crush, while her parents become worried and protective.
Meanwhile, what does Mashiro experience and will she blossom...
Is it taboo for a developmentally delayed adult to have a crush on someone?
Is it wrong for parents to try to be protective over their children?
The film depicts the tender struggle of one family living amidst the abundant nature of Toyama, with a story that touches everyone's heart.

Film Festivals
- Nara International Film Festival (2016) *Audience Award
Director: Yoshihiro Sakamoto
Cast: Miyuki Sato, Seiko Iwaido, Yusuke Fukuchi
Japanese title: 真白の恋
Japanese Theatrical Release: February 11, 2017
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