Enokida Trading Post

Under his credo ‘whatever feels right’, Enokida Yojiro has started a recycling shop. ‘Anything but garbage. Bring it on.’ To his store comes a wide range of people, including his two employees Chiaki, brooding on the state of her marriage, and Kiyoharu, confused about his inter-personal relationships. There is Yoko, a local lady who likes to stop by and chat, and Jo, the self-styled ‘Super AD’ back from his career on Tokyo movie sets to help with his family’s inn. Then one day the sign on the Enokida store breaks, leaving it reading only ‘Kida’. This is an omen, Enokida decides, and he is right: now all heck breaks loose.
Director: Ken Iizuka 
Cast: Kiyohiko SHIBUKAWA(LOWLIFE LOVE), Kimiko YO( Departure)
Drama/2017/Color/approx. 110min
Japanese title: 榎田貿易堂 
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2017