dream of illumination

Ueda moved to Rokujo-cho 4 years ago. He has been selling "the certain land" in Rokujo for foreigners as a real estate agency.
His daughter Nana is a senior in a high school. Because of Ueda's business, she changed school a lot since she was a kid, and Rokujo is actually the place she stayed the longest.

His business in Rokujo is about to finish. Ueda longed Nana to leave not only Rokujo but also Japan after her graduation. However, she insisted to stay in Rokujo. After he understands that her decision has been made, he decides to reveal a secret of him to her.
Director: Thunder SAWADA
Cast: Sara SHIDA, Yuya TAKAGAWA, Akira HAMADA, Elen, Maho YAMADA, Hikohiko SUGIYAMA, Ayaka NARUKAMI
Japanese title: ひかりのたび
Japanese Theatrical Release: September 16, 2017
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