Sweating the Small Stuff

Ryutaro is 27 years old, working at automotive repair shop. His everyday life is fairly simple – work, books and some beers. One day he got phone-call from his childhood friend, Yusuke, and knew Yusuke’s mother, Ryuko, is dying from HCV. Ryuko, She got HCV 7 years ago and she does not have much time left. Ryutaro remembers Ryuko being kind and took good care of him when he was a kid but still he does not go see her and in fact, hasn’t seen her for many years. This is a story of Ryutaro’s 4 days since he decided to go see Ryuko.

Film Festivals
Locarno International Film Festival 2017
Pia Film Fesitval 2017
Busan International Film Festival 2017
Vancouver International Film Festival 2017
Black Movie Geneva International Independent Film Festival 2018
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018

Director: Ryutaro NINOMIYA
Born in Japan in 1986, Ryutaro Ninomiya studied production for a year before following with acting classes. In 2012, he signed his first feature film, Miryoku no ningen (The Charm of Others), in which he also acted. Sweating the Small Stuff is his second feature.

2012 Miryoku no ningen (The Charm of Others)
Director: Ryutaro Ninomiya
Cast: Ryutaro Ninomiya
Japanese title: 枝葉のこと 
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2018
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