Sweating the Small Stuff

Ryutaro is 27 years old, working at automotive repair shop. His everyday life is fairly simple – work, books and some beers. One day he got phone-call from his childhood friend, Yusuke, and knew Yusuke’s mother, Ryuko, is dying from HCV. Ryuko, She got HCV 7 years ago and she does not have much time left. Ryutaro remembers Ryuko being kind and took good care of him when he was a kid but still he does not go see her and in fact, hasn’t seen her for many years. This is a story of Ryutaro’s 4 days since he decided to go see Ryuko.
Director: Ryutaro Ninomiya (The Charm of Others)
Cast: Ryutaro Ninomiya
Japanese title: 枝葉のこと 
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2018
© Kurinke