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Quest for the Kraken: Mystery of the Deep


The Sea of Japan fosters a wide variety of creatures and living organisms within its waters. One of those creatures is the “Kraken”, the magnificent and elusive “giant squid”. This project began by documenting the fishermen and divers who had been witnessing giant squids. Over the course of more than 5 years of research, we were finally able to have a close-up encounter with a living giant squid.
Furthermore, in order to unravel the mysteries hidden in the body, a team of doctors led by a neurosurgeon and marine biologists from multiple university hospitals in Japan, performed a dissection of a giant squid. Through the study of giant squids, this documentary deliberates the marvel of evolution, the mystery of life, and the meaning and value of the biodiversity that populate our planet earth.

Director: Shin=Ichi MOTOKI
Japanese title: ダイオウイカ大解剖