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Convenience Story


Kato (Ryo Narita) is an up-and-coming scriptwriter in the middle of a severe slump. He submits ideas for potential movies but makes no headway whatsoever, and spends his days downhearted and distressed. When he heads out to buy “Weredog,” food for his lover’s beloved pooch Cerberus, one thing leads to another and he stumbles into “Ideal Mart,” a convenience store where he can find everything his heart desires. There, he encounters a mysterious married woman named Keiko (Atsuko Maeda), who gets his creative juices flowing again, but... Outstandingly talented filmmaker Satoshi Miki unleashes his stunning originality in this somewhat otherworldly adventure!

Director: Satoshi MIKI (三木聡)
Cast: Ryo Narita (成田凌), Atsuko MAEDA (前田敦子)
Drama/2022/Color/97 min.
Japanese title: コンビニエンス・ストーリー
Japanese Theatrical Release: August 5th, 2022