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Junretsuger (working title)

Starring Japanese middle-age idol group Junretsu, a funny Sentai comedy feature is born!


The middle-age idol group Junretsu sings at public bathhouses all around Japan. They are not just stars for middle-age ladies. They are actually heroes "Junretsuger" who secretly fight with evils to protect the peace of the bathhouse.
Recently, there are a lot of missing reports of good-looking guys at public bathhouses. There is no sign of criminal cases, and the police do not do anything. However, Junretsu feels that there is something wrong with the incidents, and they start investigating by themselves...

Director: Hiroshi BUTSUDA (1st feature)
Cast: Shota GOGAMI (後上翔太 ) Yujiro SHIRAKAWA (白川裕二郎 ) Ryohei ODAI (小田井涼平) Kazuyoshi SAKAI ( 酒井一圭 )
Comedy/2021/Color/approx. 85 min.
Japanese title: スーパー戦闘 純烈ジャー
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2022