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Life in Bloom

Renka IWAMOTO (Nogizaka 46) plays a sensitive high school girl who struggles to find her way to move forward.


Saki is a truant high school girl. She works part-time at SUNNY DAYS, an end-of-life planning service where she and her colleague Keizo help in solving their clients’ problems. Through her relationship with Miss. Nagumo, her ex-Japanese literature teacher, and assisting Keizo’s wife Maiko’s last wish come true, Saki gradually starts to face her own problems in life. One day, Saki’s classmate brings her the school’s career guidance meeting notice. What will her decision be?

Director: Nobuyuki MIYAKE (SIREN)
Cast: Renka IWAMOTO (Nogizaka 46) (岩本蓮加(乃木坂46)), Shiori DOI (土居志央梨), Kazuko YOSHIYUKI (吉行和子), Akira TAKARADA (宝田明)
Japanese title: 世の中にたえて桜のなかりせば
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2022