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Motion Picture: Choke

The nature of human beings, whose joy, desire and weakness, is vividly depicted in a wordless - monochrome world.


A woman living in an abandoned building leads a primitive life, sustaining herself in a world devoid of speech. She barters with peddlers using game caught while hunting, and is attacked by a bandit who comes foraging for food and women, but despite these inconceivable circumstances, she remains resilient. One day, a young man is caught in a trap set by the woman. When she takes him home, the young man becomes attached to her, and she to him. As they live together, human desire eventually comes to the fore. Violence, sex and appetites compound as their world begins to collapse…

Director: Gen NAGAO [2nd feature]
Cast: Misa WADA (和田光沙), Daiki HIBA (飛葉大樹), Takashi NISHINA (仁科貴)
Thriller | 2023 | B&W | Silent | 108 min.
Japanese title: 映画(窒息)
Japanese release date: November 11th, 2023

Film Festivals
- Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival (2023)