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From the gang headhunting incident to the Okamuro Pandemic,
The birth of unprecedented violence battle horror.

"Do you know Mr. Okamuro?"

Five college students who were having such a conversation at the campground were killed by being decapitated.
A murder case”. Suzu, the sole survivor, suffers from trauma and vows revenge.
Fear spreads across the country, and the number of victims increases. "Ignore the knock and you'll be saved." "Say your name three times."
It disappears as soon as it disappears”, and various information is tangled, leading to the issuance of an unprecedented state of emergency.
Amid the panic inside, Suzu challenges Okamuro to a showdown to get rid of her trauma...

Director: Yukito MATSUNO
Casts: Reika YOSHIDA (吉田伶香), Yuuki BYRNS (バーンズ勇気), Naomasa MUSAKA (六平直政), Seira ANZAI (安斉星来)
Horror/2022/Color/77 min.
Japanese title: オカムロさん
Japanese Theatrical Release: October 14, 2022

Film Festivals
- Asian Summer Film Festival (Spain) (2023)