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Shrieking in the Rain

Eiji UCHIDA (Midnight Swan, "The Naked Director" series) depicts the crazy back-stage of the filmmaking in Japan in 80's !


At a movie studio in 1988, rookie director Hanako Hayashi is on the set of her directorial debut, the erotic “As Far as Love Will Take Us.” She has dreamed of becoming a filmmaker ever since she was little, but is now under heavy pressure from her producer and crew, pushing her to the limit. On the verge of shooting the picture’s climactic love scene, numerous problems arise. To make matters worse, the set is visited by a censor from the FCC (Film Certification Committee), and key scenes with deep meaning for Hanako end up getting cut to avoid an R rating. Will she truly be able to bring her dream to fruition?

Director: Eiji UCHIDA
Cast: Marika MATSUMOTO (松本まりか) , Maeko OYAMA (大山真絵子), Serena MOTOLA (モトーラ世理奈), Kiyohiko SHIBUKAWA (渋川清彦)
Japanese title: 雨に叫べば
Japanese Theatrical Release: December 16, 2021

Film Festivals
- Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (2021)
- Hawaii International Film Festival (2021)