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The Quiet Yakuza -Part 1 & Part 2-

Based on a long serial yakuza manga
"Shizukanaru Don – Yakuza Side Story" by Tatsuo Nitta, which over 46 million accumulated copies of 108 volumes are published in Japan!


Shizuya is the only son of the largest yakuza group in Kanto, the Shinsen Group. However, Shizuya has zero interest in the yakuza - in fact he hates them. All he wants is to be a regular civilian.
He works at a design company and lives a simple, puritan life. His ordinary everyday mostly consists of receiving criticism at work and his romantic feelings for his colleague Akino. All in all, Shizuya is perfectly happy.
However, as it happens, an incident occurs that turns Shizuya’s life upside down. Shizuya’s desire for an ordinary life is threatened by a crisis within the Shinsen Group.
What is this crisis? And what will become of Shinsen Group?

Director: Kento YAMAGUCHI (Dependence)
Cast: Kentaro ITO (伊藤健太郎), Mariko TSUTSUI (筒井真理子)
Japanese title: 静かなるドン 前編・後編
Japanese release date: May 12th (Part1), 19th (Part2), 2023