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I have captured something unbelievable. Are you brave enough to see real ghosts?

1. The smell of incense sticks in a room
2. Curtains and whiteboards swaying in an empty room
3.vibrating and flashing lighting fixtures
4. wall clock blows
5. don! Don! and the sound or voice that hits the wall violently
6. a mirror that spouts water
7. Human voices and bells that shouldn't be there
8. A ball suddenly thrown from the ceiling
9. white human hand floating in the mirror
10. and finally! A white hand appeared in front of us from a place no human can enter! !
*No CG or editing has been added to the ghost images in this movie.

Director: Tsuyoshi GOTO
Casts: Tsuyoshi GOTO (後藤剛), Yukiko SUMI (角由紀子), Kokoro TERADA (寺田心), Karen ISHIKAWA (石川翔鈴)
Documenatry Horror/2023/Color/82 min.
Japanese title: 三茶のポルターガイスト
Japanese Theatrical Release: March 24, 2023