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Kiss Cam!


Umi Hashiguchi (Shono Hayama) is too shy and is unable to be more aggressive.
One day, his girlfriend Saya (Akane Hotta) breaks up with him. His bad luck continues when the CEO of the cosmetics company where he is employed orders Umi be transferred to a subsidiary. A broken heart and disappointment send him to rock bottom. The subsidiary, Romance Consulting, is a strange company where the work of "patching up" sweethearts through kisses is done. Working with a "kissing maniac" boss, a strong-minded attractive photographer named Kaori (Alissa Yagi), and very idiosyncratic co-workers, Umi gradually becomes more confident. Then Umi's CEO and his ex-girlfriend Saya engage Romance Consulting for their services. With a shot at turning his life around all at once, Umi plans an unprecedentedly large event.

Director: Hana MATSUMOTO
Cast: Shono HAYAMA, Akane HOTTA, Alissa YAGI, Takashi TSUKAMOTO
Japanese title: キスカム!~COME ON, KISS ME AGAIN!~
Japanese Theatrical Release: September 4th, 2020