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Tatara Samurai


Gosuke, born in Tatara Village (famous for its steel), has spent his youth being groomed to become the next Murage (Master Blacksmith). After vicious raids on his village, Gosuke leaves his home behind to become a samurai instead. On the way, Gosuke meets Yohei, who invites him to join the honored Oda Army. Gosuke, terrified during his first real battle, deserts the army and returns home. Back in Tatara, Gosuke meets again with Yohei, who convinces him that swords are relics of the past, and that they must utilize guns, in order to survive the raids. Shinpei, Gosuke's childhood friend, warns him against guns and his suspicions of Yohei's true motives. Gosuke does not listen Shinpei, and the village is led to a war...

Film Festivals & Awards
- The 40th Montreal World Film Festival World Competition (2016)
★Best Artistic Contribution

- Directors' Fortnight Kolkata Film Festival International Feature Film Category (2016)
★Golden Goddess Award / Grand Prix

- Chatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (2016)
★Best Direction Award *Yoshinari Nishikori
★Best Innovative & Inspirational Contribution Award

- Auckland International Film Festival (2016)
★Best Director Award *Yoshinari Nishikori
★Best Cinematography Award *Akira Sako
★Best Supporting Actor *Naoki Kobayashi
★Best Supporting Actress *Anna Ishii

-Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival Feature Film Category (2016)
★Grand Prix
★Best Actor Award *Sho Aoyagi

- UK Screen One International Film (2017)
★Best International Feature Award / Grand Prix

- Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne (2017)
★Best Feature Award / Grand Prix

- Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival (2017)
★Best Cinematography Award *Akira Sako

- Canadian Diversity Film Festival (2017)
★Best Feature Film Award / Grand Prix

- Wolves Independent International Film Awards (2017)
★Best Feature Award / Grand Prix
★Best Actor Award *Sho Aoyagi

- Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival (2017)
★Best Feature Award / Grand Prix
★Best Director Award *Yoshinari Nishikori

- WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival (2017)
★Gold Award

- Gulf of Naples Independent Film Festival (2017)
★Best Feature Film Award / Grand Prix

Director: Yoshinari NISHIKORI
Period Drama/2016/Color/135min
Japanese title:たたら侍