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Sleep in the Shadows


Fuyuki is an established artist who runs several bars in Yokohama. One day, injured Shinji runs into his bar. He always idolizes Fuyuki as his elder brother. Shinji is a member of the charity group which looks after troubled young girls in Yokohama. Fuyuki decides to help Shinji who is in a trouble with Yakuza for helping an underage girl out of their prostitution business. In the midst of getting involved in this conflict, Fuyuki learns that his dearest love, Kyoko has a very short time to live, and he feels a strong desire to express his love for Kyoko in a painting...

Director: Seiji IZUMI
Cast: Masaya KATO / Yuri NAKAMURA / Kimiko YO
Japanese title: 影に抱かれて眠れ
Japanese Theatrical Release: September 6th, 2019