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Shoujyo~an adolescent


Tomokawa, a notoriously lazy policeman, spends his days teasing his friend Sukemasa, a retarded boy, cycling through the city and having affairs with married women. One day, he meets Yoko, a 15-year-old who offers to go to bed with him for money. The policeman becomes infatuated with her. Before long, the two discover that they have lots of things in common: Sukemasa is Yoko’s brother, their mother was one of Tomokawa’s former lovers, and Yoko’s grandfather had tattooed a one-winged male phoenix on Tomokawa’s back. According to a Chinese proverb, a one-winged bird represents a sacred vow between a man and a woman. Tomokawa tells Yoko that his bird needs a mate in order to be able to fly...

Director: Eiji OKUDA
Cast: Eiji OKUDA (奥田瑛二), Mayu OZAWA (小沢まゆ)
Drama/2001/Color/132 min
Japanese title: 少女~an adolescent
Japanese Theatrical Release: September 29, 2001

Film Festivals
- Venice International Film Critics' Week (2001)
- Thessaloniki International Film Festival (2001) *Best Actress Award, Special Jury Award
- Russian International Film Festival Faces Of Love(2002) *Best Actress Award
- Festival de PARIS (2002) *Grand Prix, Best Actress Award
- AFI Fest (2002) *Grand Prix International Future Film
- Bermuda International Film Festival (2002) *Special Award