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Runin: Banished


In 1838, on the penal island Hachijojima. An ex-courtesan from the Yoshiwara pleasure district, Toyoguku, sent to the island for the crime of arson holds court over a motley chews of criminals and corrupt officials. It's a godforsaken place, often hit by typhoons. The subsequent famines would wipe out half the population of prisoners and villagers. The exiles endure all the usual human emotions of eat-dog world of this desolate island in a distant sea. In the depths of despair, Toyogiku falls in love with a new arrival to the penal colony: Kisaburo, a convicted gambler. Their love drives them to make the first successful bearkout from the penal island, but also brings down on them a tragedy...

Director: Eiji OKUDA
Cast: Keiko MATSUZAKA (松坂慶子), Kazuhiro NISHIJIMA (西島千博)
Drama/2004/Color/149 min
Japanese title: るにん
Japanese Theatrical Release: January 14, 2006

Film Festivals
- Tokyo International Film Festival (2004)
- Method Fest (2005) *Best Feature Film, Festival Director Award