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A Long Walk


Yasuda Matsutaro (Ogata Ken) has devoted himself to work and finally reaches retirement. As a result of not paying any attention to his family, his wife has a nervous breakdown and his relationship with his daughter is non-existent. Matsutaro's days are filled with remorse, and he leaves home to resolve his life. Next door to his new residence lives Sachi (Sugiura Kana), a girl who is abused by her mother. Matsutaro cannot bear to see the abuse any longer, and he takes Sachi on a trip. Their destination is a place where Matsutaro had some happy moments with his family. Although Matsutaro becomes wanted for kidnapping, Sachi starts opening up her heart as she experiences human warmth. The two finally reach their destination. Having achieved their objective, Matsutaro leaves Sachi and turns himself in.

Director: Eiji OKUDA
Cast: Ken OGATA (緒形拳), Saki TAKAOKA (高岡早紀)
Drama/2006/Color/136 min
Japanese title: 長い散歩
Japanese Theatrical Release: December 16, 2006

Film Festivals
- Montreal World Film Festival (2006) *Grand Prix, FIPRESCI PRIZE, ECUMENICAL PRIZE