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Kakera: A Piece of Our Life


College student Haru (Hikari MITSUSHIMA) is stuck in an unfulfilling relationship with a boyfriend that's just not right for her. One day, Rico (Eriko NAKAMURA), a "medical artist" who makes prosthetic body parts, strikes up a conversation with her. Rico believes that gender has nothing to do with love. The two quickly become intimately involved...

Director: Momoko ANDO
Cast: Hikari MITSUSHIMA (満島ひかり), Eriko NAKAMURA (中村映里子), Masahiko TSUGAWA (津川雅彦)
Drama/2009/Color/107 min
Japanese title: カケラ
Japanese Theatrical Release: April 3rd, 2010

Film Festivals
- Raindance Film Festival (2009)
- Kinotayo-FESTIVAL DU FILM JAPONAIS CONTEMPORAIN 2009 *Prix Nikon de la Belle image
- Stockholm International Film Festival (2009)
- Shinsedai Cinema Festival (2010)
- Nippon Connection (2010)
- Glasgow Film Festival (2010)