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Even in the worst time of your life, you always havea chance to start over.

Mio is a 28-year-old struggling idol. She came to Tokyo from Hokkaido after graduating high school to become a singer songwriter, but her dream has not come true. One day, she is paparazzied with her boyfriend who is a star in a famous band, and finds out that he is actually a married man... Mio is fired by her idol group and gets dumped by her boyfriend. Broken-hearted, Mio goes back to her hometown in Hokkaido, and there, she finds people who love her and support her no matter what. Her life starts again here...

Drama/2020/Color/100 min.
Japanese title: リスタート
Japanese Theatrical Release: July 16th, 2021

Film Festivals
- Asian Film Festival Barcelona (2021)