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"Mentai Piriri"'s protagonist is modelled after Toshio Kawahara, who founded mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) manufacturer Fukuya and popularized the food in Japan. The story became a TV series of the same title which won the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Award two years in a row, is also adapted into a record-breaking play and now, it finally comes to silver screens!!!


Toshiyuki and Chiyoko run a small grocery store called "Lucky Grocers" in the city of Hakata. Toshiyuki spends days and nights to reproduce "mentaiko", deep-seasoned spicy cod-roe, which he used to eat in Busan where he grew up.
One day, Toshiyuki sees a girl in a ragged clothes, attempting to shoplift a product from his store. She is actually his son's classmate and when Toshiyuki finds out that she has lost her parents in the war and has no money to purchase even a rucksack and a pair of shoes for her school excursion, he decides to help her somehow... Based on a true story about a man who created Fukuoka's famous local food, this film depicts people who struggle to survive the economic transition and growth in the post-war period.

Director: Kan EGUCHI
Cast: Hanamaru HAKATA, Yasuko TOMITA
Japanese title: めんたいぴりり
Japanese Theatrical Release: January 18, 2019

Film Festivals
- Busan Food Film Festa (2019)