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1m Radius of You: Walk with our Heads Up

YOSHIMOTO comedians teamed up and created 8-story omnibus film!


In the current pandemic, the number of new films being made has dropped dramatically so the production team challenged themselves to produce an 8-story omnibus film in the record time of 5 months. To maintain safety, the stories revolve mostly around only 2 characters and the crew was kept to the bare minimum. A boy meeting his girlfriend’s father for the first time. Visiting a hospitalized high school classmate. The last drink between a failed entertainer and his manager. Combat that ends up in a rap battle. A conversation between sisters at their mother’s funeral. An encounter between two random time travelers. Each story was created around a single situation and lasts no longer than 15 minutes while spanning several genres from comedy and drama to romance and science fiction. This project, in its unique production style and film quality, shows the possibility of a new style of media in what we now call the new normal.

Directed by Kaede KAMIYA
Written by Naoki MATAYOSHI (Peace)
Cast: Teppei KOIKE, Jiro (Sissonne)

"Two Indirect People Tell Their Feelings in a Bold and Rather Indirect Way"
Directed by Daisuke YAMANOUCHI
Written by Shusuke FUKUTOKU (Jaru Jaru)
Cast: Sei SHIRAISHI, Junpei GOTO (Jaru Jaru)

"SENTO the Bathhouse Battle"
Written and Directed by Hiroshi SHINAGAWA
Cast: Hannya & Ryuji AKIYAMA (Robert)

Directed by Daisuke YAMANOUCHI
Written by Mitsuyoshi TAKASU
Cast: Kana KURASHINA and Mitsuyoshi TOKUI (Tutorial)

"In The Backroom"
Directed by Kaede KAMIYA
Written by Makoto UEDA
Cast: Asami MIZUKAWA and Haruna KONDO (Harisenbon)

"The Story of a Family"
Directed by Kaede KAMIYA
Written By Maki FUKUDA (3 o'clock Heroine)
Cast: Rena MATSUI, Shizuyo YAMASAKI (Nankai Candies)

"Canon in Unison"
Written and Directed by Soshina (Shimofuji Myojo)
Cast: Naoto KAIHO, Asei (Miki)

"Today Is a Special Occasion"
Directed by Daisuke YAMANOUCHI
Written by Kentaro USHIO
Cast: Takashi OKAMURA (Ninety-nine), Issei MAMEHARA (JO1)

Japanese title: 半径1メートルの君
Japanese Theatrical Release: February 26, 2021