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Handling Method for Grumpy Women

Ai is a university student studying Artificial Intelligence. She is working on her paper which theme is how to make up the grumpy mood for a woman with understanding the differences of the brains between men and women. For the research, she starts working at a wedding hall where there are full of problems between men and women. There is a deep gap between men and women that make it difficult to understand each other, but if they understand these differences, they can be happy! This combination of Brain Science + Weddings (!?) brings to life an unlikely heartfelt comedy!

Film Festivals
- Okinawa International Movie Festival (2019)


Director: Shunsuke ARITA
Cast: Akari HAYAMI, Yuta HIRAOKA
Comedy/2019/Color/107 mins
Japanese title: 女の機嫌の直し方
Japanese Theatrical Release: June 15th, 2019