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highheels – a fairy tale born of obsession


The year 4015, humanity lives on in the form of androids.
Kai, a hero, is an android shoe artisan. He has begun to feel an "obsession" with craft like humanities used to have. One day, one of the android customers orders for Kay to create a special pair that would suit her perfectly.
Kai shuts in the atelier and keeps making in order to create a perfect pair of high heel shoes. The pair has been making over and over again, then finally completed. However, one foot doesn’t fit a little bit when the customer tries on. Kai persuades the customer to solute certainly, though, faces up to the pair of high heel shoes again…

Film Festivals
- Fantasia Film Festival (2017)
- Japanese Film Festival in Australia (2017)

Director: Inchul LEE 
Cast: Rinko KIKUCHI, Fujiko KOJIMA, Hyunri, Ran TANIGUCHI
Short/Drama/2017/Color/30min/Cinema Scope
Japanese title: ハイヒール~こだわりが生んだおとぎ話
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