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A.I. love you


23 years old young heroine, Haruka Hoshino, has a dream to be a pastry chef and open her shop. She has been applying for a lot of assistant chef positions of prestige cake shops but has not made that yet…
One day, she received one email that was like a spam. The title said “You are selected! It is absolutely free to use a brand new and trial version of AI (Artificial intelligence) Communication App!
She opened it unintentionally, and text said “We can make your dreams come true”. Due to so many rejections from the shops, she installed the App… It has been activated but nothing happened at the moment.
One day, suddenly, she heard a man’s voice from her smartphone, and that was from the AI App. She had no way to knowing this “encounter” will change her life. She named him LOVE and started to communicate with.
She followed LOVE advice that “Love someone if you want to be a pastry chef”, and started to give her heart one of her colleagues, Takumi Aida. However, some reasons, she also started to have some feeling to the AI, “LOVE”…
LOVE has been trying to make her dream come true. The relationship between Takumi and her is getting close. However, she has another feeling for LOVE… Where will the “triangle” relationship go? Can she make her dream come true?

Director: Shogo MIYAKI
Cast: Aoi Morikawa, Takumi Saito