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You Still Don’t Get GUNMA


Located approximately in the middle of Japan, GUNMA is in the western hinterland of the Northern Kanto Region. Surrounded by mountains from prehistoric times, it’s been teased with half-truths, called “Japan’s last frontier”, “Ancient Gunma Empire” and other such names. But nobody knows its reality. High school student, Kamitsuki, has moved to this mysterious land. Along with the far-out nature of GUNMA’s culture, he’s bewildered, messed around with, and struck with terror by the obsessive GUNMA-love his classmates hold for their home. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the prettiest girl at school; Kyo Shinooka. But she’s also a trueborn product of GUNMA! Further embroiled in the rivalry between GUNMA and Tochigi, as well as Ibaraki, Kamitsuki’s tribulations continue…

Director: Itaru MIZUNO
Cast: Shotaro MAMIYA, Kaito YOSHIMURA, Fumika BABA
Japanese title: お前はまだグンマを知らない