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Debuting as one part of the comedy duo “Sparks,” Tokunaga is a young man who finds himself still far from fame when he meets Kamiya, an Osaka-based senior comedian, at a gig before a fireworks show in the countryside. Kamiya is the funny man from the duo “Ahondara” (which can be translated into English as something like “Asswipe”) and the unconventional piece of manzai he performs, combined with his unique style and all-round presence, leave Tokunaga smitten. Tokunaga proceeds to ask Kamiya to let him be his disciple, which Kamiya agrees to under one condition: Tokunaga must write Kamiya’s biography. From that day on, Tokunaga writes down everything about his interactions with the man who has become his mentor.
Two years later, Kamiya moves from Osaka to Tokyo, and the two meet again.
They start to drink together almost every night, they are constantly discussing their art, and even though they have little work, they lead relatively fulfilling lives as they go about polishing their talents. The two also receive warm support from the young lady Kamiya lives with, Maki.
However, as time passes, a slight difference in opinions begins to grow between them…

Film Festivals
- Summer International Film Festival in Hong Kong

Director: Itsuji Itao 
Cast: Masaki Suda, Kenta Kiritani
Japanese title: 火花