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A Cherry Boy’s Love


The ephemeral love story between a 45-year-old virgin and a girl he has admired for years...
Norio Yamakawa (Daisuke Miyagawa) is a middle-aged virgin working in a family restaurant. He is kind but totally shy and has no self-confidence that results in him staying inside his own shell, unable to adapt to society. He’s never had a relationship with a woman. He lives a life of constant jealousy and self-depreciation, until one day an angel descends before him. She is a porno actress that Norio has admired for many years... The girl he’s been dreaming about is suddenly right in front of him. What on earth...?!

Film Festivals
- Okinawa International Movie Festival (2018)
- Kyoto International Film and Art Festival (2018)

Director: Tomoyuki FURUMAYA
Cast: Daisuke Miyagawa/ Yuki Sakurai
Japanese title: サクらんぼの恋