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God Seeks in Return


An event planner, Tamogami gets invited to a speed dating party where he meets an aspiring YouTuber named Yuri who is struggling to attract views. When he offers to help launch her career while expecting nothing in return, she dubs him “a god.” The quest to raise access numbers is slow going at first, but soon their positive persistence pays off as they forge a strong partnership. Yuri is introduced to a colleague, Umekawa leading her into a new circle of collaborators including popular YouTubers, who help her produce edgy reality videos that quickly go viral. Then a handsome designer, Aren Murakami enters her life, and Yuri finds herself on a meteoric rise to top YouTuber in the country. Meanwhile, Tamogami’s contributions are increasingly seen as cheap and cheesy productions. “He’s a nice guy but he lacks taste,” Yuri complains, as a once-budding wholesome romance starts to transform into something perilously toxic...

Director: Keisuke YOSHIDA (Intolerance, Come on Irene)
Casts: Tsuyoshi MURO (ムロツヨシ), Yukino KISHII (岸井ゆきの)
Drama/2022/Color/105 min.
Japanese title: 神は見返りを求める
Japanese Theatrical Release: June 24, 2022