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In Her Room


Susume is a dentist who has had difficulty communicating with people since he was a child. He works at a dental clinic where he envies the other doctors who handle matters flawlessly. He also excessively worries about what the dental hygienists think about him.
One day, he meets and is drawn to a woman named Miyako. She invites him into her lush, forest-like apartment, and he gradually, though awkwardly, becomes closer to her. But Susume begins to feel irritated by the way Miyako suddenly stops contacting him and being intentionally vague about their relationship. As he finds himself catering to the whims of the enigmatic and elusive Miyako, her friend Yoko tells him that a man died at Miyako’s apartment. Susume begins to see some of Miyako’s secrets and is dragged deeper into the mysterious world she creates.

Director: Chihiro ITO (伊藤ちひろ)
Cast: Satoru IGUCHI (井口理) (King Gnu), Fumika BABA (馬場ふみか), Yuumi KAWAI (河合優実)
Drama - Romance /2023/Color/ 136min.
Japanese title: ひとりぼっちじゃない
Japanese Theatrical Release: March 10, 2023

Film Festival
- Tokyo International Film Festival (2022)
- Asian Film Festival (Italy) (2023)
- New York Asian Film Festival (2023)
- Seoul International Women's Film Festival (2023)
- Five Flavours Asian Film Festival (2023)