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A latest film by Toshiyuki TERUYA, whose previous film “Born Bone Born” is acclaimed in several festivals around the world. It reminds you of your beloved family. 


This is a story of a family living on an island in Okinawa.
Traumatized by her father's infidelity and her mother's death, Mika leaves the island alone. She has never been back to the home island since, but one day she is informed of her father's critical condition and decides to go back to her home.
The reunion with her father on his sickbed brings back happy memories of her mother. Interweaving Okinawan scenery and traditional island songs, the film climaxes with the moment of the father's death, highlighting his love and view of life and death.
It is a heartwarming human comedy that will make you laugh and cry, depicting the connections between people that are fading away today.

Director: Toshiyuki TERUYA (Born Bone Born) [3rd feature]
Cast: Ruka MATSUDA (松田るか), Keiko HORIUCHI (堀内敬子), Tadanobu ASANO(浅野忠信)
Drama | 2024 | Color | 87 min.
Japanese title: かなさんどー
Japanese release date: Spring, 2025