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Late Flowers


The struggling comedy duo, The Dianne Brothers, is finally contracted for a gig in the countryside. The straight man, Tsuji, waits for his partner, Nishizaki, backstage, but the event ends before he arrives. Frustrated, Tsuji yells at Nishizaki over the phone. A few days later, he still regrets the latest exchange with his partner when their manager calls to tell him that Nishizaki died in an accident. Now a solo act, Tsuji receives another call for a countryside gig. He decides to go alone, but there, strange things start happening.

Director: Minori Hamada
Casts: Atsuhiro TSUDA (津田篤宏 “ダイアン”), YU-SUKE (ユースケ “ダイアン”), Hiroyuki BABA (馬場裕之 “ロバート”)
Short, Drama/2023/Color/15 min.
Japanese title: 遅い花
Japanese release date: October 20, 2023