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Leave in Summer


Nana is a young hostess of Nakajima Inn in a town by the sea. At the beginning of September when Nakajima Inn is closed for business, a young man, Shuntaro appears and says that he really wants to stay at the inn. He explains that he lost his loved one a month ago and she had stayed at the inn just before she died. In order to follow the deceased lover’s footsteps, Shuntaro wanders around the town and the beach day and night. Nana who’s been watching Shuntaro’s behavior volunteers showing around the town and finds herself hanging about with him a lot. This is the town she knows more than anybody. Moreover, just like Shuntaro, she is also the one who lives with the pain of losing loved ones. Nana and Shuntaro spend time together sharing each other’s secrets, influencing each other and eventually, their frozen time starts moving.

Director: Aya IGASHI (井樫彩) ("Tokeru" *Cannes Cinéfondation Official selection )
Cast: Momoko FUKUCHI (福地桃子), Amane OKAYAMA (岡山天音)
Drama - Romance/2022/Color/75 min.
Japanese title: あの娘は知らない
Japanese Theatrical Release: September 23rd, 2022

Film Festival
- Asian Film Festival (Italy) (2023)