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Promised Land

Matagi is a group of hunters who lives in the mountains and targets wild animals including bears, but now more and more bear hunting is forbidden by the government.
This is a story of two young matagi who struggle in their dying culture.


The year is 1983 in the village of Hibara, located deep within the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture in northern Japan. In this place, the traditions of the matagi, bear hunters since ancient times, remain strong. When the snow begins to thaw, the men follow custom and put their occupations aside to head into the mountains. 20-year-old Nobuyuki loathes his hometown’s culture, traditions, and its adults, but finds himself aimlessly working on his family’s poultry farm.
One day, he learns from the boss of the bear hunters that the environmental agency has banned bear hunting for this year. Only Reijiro, who is also a young hunter, rebels. He decides to go hunting, not caring whether it turns him into a poacher, and asks Nobuyuki to join him. Despite Nobuyuki’s disgust, he decides to go along with Reijiro. The sound of an avalanche reaches the village, signaling that snow is melting in the mountains. In the dark of early morning, the two set out on their own to hunt.

Director: Masashi IIJIMA [1st feature]
Cast: Rairu SUGITA (杉田雷麟), Kanichiro (寛一郎)
Human Drama | 2023 | Color | 89 min.
Japanese title: プロミスト・ランド
Japanese release date: June 29th, 2024