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Remember to Breathe

Directed by Masakazu SUGITA
("Joy of Man's Desiring" 64th Berlin IFF Generation Kplus Special Mention)
Starring Mao INOUE ("Rebirth" "Boys Over Flowers")

Did " I " unconsciously deny " you " ?
Did " I " unconsciously deny " myself " ?


One day, Hiroko accidentally starts a small fire while she is cooking. Although it does not lead to a serious incident, it does result in her going to stay with her eldest daughter, Yuko, for whom Hiroko has never been the mother she wanted.
As mother and daughter unexpectedly start to spend time together after a long period apart, the deep emotional gulf that lies between them becomes more pronounced. Yuko spends her days contemplating the depths of this gulf. Even as a child, Yuko had always felt uncomfortable around her mother. The emotional toll that being with her again takes on Yuko increases day by day. Memories that should have stayed locked away in the back of Yuko's mind come flooding back, and emotions that should have been forgotten begin to reassert themselves...
Although Yuko tries to go about her normal life and just get through each day with her mother, their time together will come to an abrupt end. When that happens, Yuko will have to face up to her true feelings, which she has kept hidden from everyone, even herself...

Director: Masakazu SUGITA (杉田真一)
Cast: Mao INOUE (井上真央) , Eri ISHIDA (石田えり)
Drama/2022/Color/106 min.
Japanese title: わたしのお母さん
Japanese Theatrical Release: November 11, 2022

Film Festivals
- Tokyo International Film Festival (2022)