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A history drama portraying the confrontation between the indigenous Ainu people living on Japan’s northernmost main island—then called “Ezo” and now known as “Hokkaido”—and the “sisam”, the Ainu word for ethnic Japanese.


In the 17th century, early in the Edo Period of Japanese history, trade with the indigenous Ainu is the main source of income for the Matsumae clan. Kojiro, the son of a Matsumae clan retainer, and his older brother, Einosuke, are sent to Ezo for the trade with the Ainu.
They travel to an Ezo trading post, but Einosuke is killed by one of their escorting merchants, Zensuke. Kojiro pursues Zensuke, but falls over a cliff and ends up badly injured and rescued by the Ainu and starts living in an Ainu village.
Sharing food, clothing, and shelter with the Ainu, Kojiro comes to sympathize with their culture, customs, and ideals. He begins to learn their language. There are, however, those in the village unhappy with his presence there. Meanwhile there is conflict among the Japanese clans to monopolize trade and thus disadvantage the Ainu, and this contributes to an uprising by the Ainu themselves.

Director: Hiroyuki NAKAO [2nd feature]
Cast: Kanichiro (寛一郎) , Masato WADA (和田正人), Rosa SAHEL (サヘル・ローズ)
History Drama | 2024 | Color | approx.115 min.
Japanese title: シサム
Japanese release date: Autumn, 2024