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Six Singing Women

Starring Yutaka Takenouchi and Takayuki Yamada, 6 mysterious ladies take you to a weird and beautiful world.


Two men with opposite personalities, Kayashima and Uwajima, accidentally wander into a beautiful village after a car accident. When they wake up, they are imprisoned by six beautiful but strange girls who live in the village. Kayashima is at the mercy of the girls' instinctive behavior, but is gradually drawn to the pure beauty of girls, who are at one with nature. Uwajima is attracted to one attractive girl and steps into forbidden territory.
The six girls were incarnations of catfish, pit vipers, owls, dormice, bees, plants, and other creatures of nature disguised as humans. What they wanted from the men...

Director: Yoshimasa ISHIBASHI
Casts: Yutaka TAKENOUCHI (竹野内豊), Takayuki YAMADA (山田孝之), Naoto TAKENAKA(竹中直人)
Drama/2023/Color/113 min.
Japanese title: 唄う六人の女
Japanese Theatrical Release: October 27, 2023

Film Festivals
- Montreal Festival of New Cinema (2023)
- Kaohsiung Film Festival (2023)