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Tamano Visual Poetry Collection: Nagisa‘s Bicycle


Story 1: Bicycle Racing
This is the story of Oshima, a middle-aged bicycle racer who is caught between the times. Although he is not yet old enough to retire, he is not able to follow the new ways of living, and spends his days in frustration, having lost the pleasure of drinking, women, and gambling. In the end, all Oshima has left is the bicycle race track and his friends who have become his rivals.

Story 2: Seaside Bicycle
Nagisa, a female fisherman in her thirties, goes out to sea every day. One day, she finds a bicycle washed up on the beach. She loves it so much that instead of going out to sea, she rides it around town and refuses to part ways with it. However, Nagisa's father, who is not happy with her, throws her bike away. This is a story like a fairy tale with a fantastic twist.

Story 3: Ice and Oil
Sunako and Hiroshi, who grew up in Tamano City, work at a shipyard. One day, Hiroshi quits his job and starts working at a stylish shaved ice shop. The reason is Momo, a beautiful woman who has moved from Tokyo. Sunako, who has a one-sided crush on Hiroshi, can't help but feel curious about Momo. While Sunako despises her home town, Momo praises the city as the gateway to the Setouchi region, which is full of art. The relationship between Sunako and Hiroshi gradually begins to fall apart, but what keeps them together is the symbol of the city, the bicycle race, which has been a close part of their lives since they were children.

Director: Tetsuichiro TSUTA
Cast: Shin MIYAKE(三宅伸), Nagisa (Amako Inter)(渚(尼神インター)), Yuriyan Retriever(ゆりやんレトリィバァ), Akiyoshi ENISHI(江西あきよし), Negoshix(ネゴシックス), Jimmy ONISHI(ジミー大西), Katamari MIZUKAWA (Kuki Kaidan)(水川かたまり(空気階段)), Mogura SUZUKI (Kuki Kaidan)(鈴木もぐら(空気階段)), Miyako SONO(園都)
Japanese title:たまの映像詩集 渚のバイセコー
Japanese Theatrical Release: November 12, 2021

Film Festivals
- Brive Film Festival (2022) * Grand Prix and Prix Label jeune création
- Asian Summer Film Festival (2022)
- Camera Japan (2022)
- Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (2022)
- Torino Film Festival (2022)