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Tea Friends


Mana leads a group of young people who establish a groundbreaking call girl service for elderly people called “Tea Friends”. They run three-line advertisements in newspapers that innocently seek “friends for tea,” and elderly “tea girls” are sent to the men who respond. One day at a supermarket, Mana crosses paths with elderly shoplifter Matsuko, and offers her a job. Matsuko has grown disillusioned with her lonely twilight years, but rediscovers joy in being needed by others, and gradually becomes one of the most popular tea girls. However, just as the group’s ties and enterprise seem to be going from strength to strength, an incident occurs that attracts the attention of the police, and bonds thought to be unshakeable are revealed to be brittle.

Director: Bunji SOTOYAMA (外山文治)
Cast: Rei OKAMOTO (岡本玲)
Drama - Crime /2022/Color/ 134min.
Japanese title: 茶飲友達
Japanese Theatrical Release: February 4, 2023

Film Festival
- Asian Film Festival (Italy) (2023)
- Camera Japan (2023)
- KINOTAYO festival de films japonais contemporains (2023) *Grand Prix