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hide, we won't let your music die.
Based on a memoir written by his brother.


On May 2, 1998, Japan's leading rock musician “hide” passed away suddenly. He was making success as a solo artist (hide with Spread Beaver/zilch) and as a guitarist of the pioneer of visual kei rock band, X JAPAN. About 50,000 people came to his funeral and cried over his early death, which became a social phenomenon in Japan.
hide’s younger brother Hiroshi Matsumoto, who was also his manager, recalls the days he spent with him since childhood. Hiroshi decides to deliver hide's music to the world with the album that was in-production, and to have the national tour that was already scheduled.
Hiroshi, who inherited hide’s will, starts working with hide's co-producer I.N.A.. With hide’s absence, they struggle with various difficulties stand in their way...

Director: Rempei TSUKAMOTO (塚本連平)
Casts: Tsubasa IMAI (今井 翼), Takashi TSUKAMOTO (塚本高史), JUON
Drama - Drama/2022/Color/111 min.
Japanese title: TELL ME〜hideと見た景色〜
Japanese Theatrical Release: July 8, 2022