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Thanc You

A "Conte-cinema" by comedian duo Jarujaru.


One day, Yasuda, a freshman in high school, was summoned by the advisor of the mountaineering club. It was an asking to submit a withdrawal form to abolish the club, which is now down to just one member after the third-year seniors retire. Yasuda, whose only pleasure in school life was climbing mountains with his advisor, was at the depths of despair. A student, who hadn‘t made a single friend since entering the school, saw what was going on.

Meanwhile, in the park, two fledgling comedians were on the verge of dissolution over how they should face their arts. At the same time, elsewhere, a young actor was repeatedly asked a woman out, trying to change his last name by marriage.

A hairdresser who has mastered his original cutting technique, a junior who tries to play a prank on a senior without a care in the world, a thief who runs into the homeowner, an aspiring magician, and the head of a theater company who devotes his life to his company’s performances...... Those who live desperately in each place. Sometimes it's bitter, sometimes funny, and life goes on. What direction will the lives of these boys, who had nothing but their love for the mountains, really start rolling?

Director: Mitsuru KURAMOTO
Cast: Jarujaru (Junpei GOTO 後藤淳平 and Shusuke FUKUTOKU 福徳秀介)
Comedy/2021/Color/99 min.
Japanese title: サンチョー
Japanese Theatrical Release: November 19th, 2021