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The Moon

Based on a true story, which 19 people were killed at a nursing home in Japan.
A thought-provoking film that questions what it means to be human.


Yoko had won a literary award as a writer but has been unable to write new stories for a long time. She gets a job at "Crescent Garden," a nursing home for people with severe disabilities, where she meets Sato, her young co-worker, and Ki-chan, a resident of the same age as Yoko. Ki-chan is blind, bedridden, and rarely moves. It was during this time that Yoko becomes pregnant. Yoko recalls the loss of her son and wonders if she should undergo prenatal diagnosis.
Meanwhile, at "Crescent Garden,” Sato’s eccentric thoughts are fostered and accelerated by his co-workers who treat the residents as if they have no personalities. He asks, "Can you talk? Do you have a soul?” And this eventually leads to a shocking incident where more than dozen residents were killed…

Suspense Drama | 2023 | Color | 144 min.
Director: Yuya ISHII (Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue)
Cast: Rie MIYAZAWA (宮沢りえ), Hayato ISOMURA (磯村勇斗), Fumi NIKAIDO (二階堂ふみ), Joe ODAGIRI (オダギリジョー)
Japanese title: 月
Japanese release date: October 13, 2023

Film Festivals
- Busan International Film Festival (2023)
- São Paulo International Film Festival (2023)
- KINOTAYO festival de films japonais contemporains (2023)