The Aobas' Dining Table (working title)

A short web drama series produced by a Scandinavian life style website now becomes a feature film!

We eat at the same table, then we are a family.

Haruko’s “family” is a bit different from others. She is a single mother and lives with her son Riku, her friend Meiko and Meiko’s boyfriend Sorao. One day, she gets a text from her old friend, Tomoko, asking Haruko to let stay her daughter Yuko during the summer school. Haruko and Tomoko had a big fight decades ago, and they have never spoken since then. While Yuko tries to find herself and enjoy her youth, Haruko decides to meet her friend Tomoko to settle the past.

Cast: Naomi NISHIDA (西田尚美) , Miwako ICHIKAWA (市川実和子), Shugo OSHINARI (忍成修吾)
Drama/2021/Color/104 min.
Japanese title: 青葉家のテーブル
Japanese Theatrical Release: Summer 2021

Director: Soushi MATSUMOTO

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